VSpec Performance

Home to the rarest GT-R's in Australia

General Servicing, Performance Workshop, Dyno Tuning & Aftermarket Parts

V-Spec Performance is a Performance Shop located in Blackburn 17km from Melbourne CBD specialising in all vehicles from race cars to daily drivers. V-Spec Performance have since expanded to offer dyno tuning, engine building and general servicing services in addition our aftermarket parts sales department stocking and supplying from big name brands such as Nismo, Recaro, Greddy, HKS and many more.

With extensive knowledge in dyno tuning and engine building we are equipped to take on all requirements from circuit racing, drag racing to everyday street driving. Using precision tools and high quality parts and hardware we ensure you receive only the highest level of service throughout all procedures.

The V-Spec Performance Dyno room is equipped with the best from Mainline Dynomometers, including all the widgets and options capable of reading all parameters to safeguard your pride and joy. We offer a variety of solutions allowing us to tune your vehicle, software/hardware including; COBB Pro Tuner, EcuTek, MoTeC, Alientech, PowerFC, Haltech and Hondata.

Contact Us:

19 Terra Cotta Dr
Blackburn, VIC 3130

TEL: 03 9877 7736
Web: https://www.vspecperformance.com.au